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My name is Craig. I live in Boston, Massachusetts. I enjoy bicycling, art, photography, movies, music, and thinking. This is basically my Instagram feed.

A note I found on the Robert Gould Shaw memorial on Beacon Hill in Boston.

"Dear 54th Massachusetts regiment,

Thank you for your service. You fought during a time when the country was ripped in two, the wound bleeding with the souls of its people. On that fateful day, some of your bodies perished, but never did your spirit. You all serve this country forever and always with your devotion to the belief that one nation and all its people should stand united under a belief in the powers - the liberty - of man. Now, again, our county has split in two and I leave this as a piece of my thanks to those who believe in the solidarity of this country’s people.

Sincerely, A Citizen”

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    I will never not think of this poem when I see this memorial: For the Union Dead by Robert Lowell "Relinquunt Omnia...
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